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Submitting Fibres for Processing

Fibres can be submitted for processing in a number of ways.
Live close enough to Yarker, Ontario to drop it off?
Call (613-377-1594)to be sure someone will be here...I do not always work standard business hours, eventually I will have to set some standard hours as I want to open a mill store in future, but for now I am very flexible :)
Too far away to drop off: mail or courier your fibre to us, 3710 County Road #1, Yarker, Ontario, Canada, K0K 3N0.
We will notify you when it arrives and when it is ready to be sent back.
No matter the way the fibre reaches us please include the following form with the fibre to tell us who you are, how to reach you and what to do to your fibre:
Click this link to open a page to use to instruct the mill on how you want your fibre processed
Fibre instruction sheet

To print this page highlight all, right click and select print. This prints a 1 page instruction list for us. Lots of room for detailed instructions:)
Alternatively you can send fibre with your email address or phone number and a list of the fibre you have sent. We will let you know when we receive your fibre and at that time we will get instructions for processing from you.

A non-refundable $10.00 per fleece or 10 pounds of fibre sent for processing is required as a deposit at the time of fibre submission. This deposit is deducted from the final total cost of processing for your order. Before fleece is returned to you, the payment of the balance of the cost of processing is required. When fleece is processed we will notify you of the finished weight of fibre and the balance outstanding on the order. Any order still having an outstanding balance 90 days after notification processing is complete, unless prior arrangements are made, becomes property of the mill. Sorry can not store fibre forever for nothing.


Based on incoming raw fibre weight- $4.00/lb
Charged in addition to picking and/or carding

As solo service for pre-washed fibre only- $5.00/lb
included in roving/batt price when processing to roving/batt

To batt form: $12.00/lb
To roving form: $13.50/lb
Picking included in roving/batt price when processing to roving or batt form

Since we raise sheep and angora rabbits and the need to process their fibres is what the mill grew out of, we do not have a dehairer. I would shoot anyone who dehaired my angora or my icelandic fibres!
For now we process to either batt or roving only.
Lots of ideas for future growth :)

Cost for blending of fibres
depends on individual requests.

Please send well-skirted fleeces only. It is a waste of your shipping dollars to send fibre that can not be processed. Also any fleece that arrives needing skirting will incur a skirting fee of $20.00 per fleece. We will let you know before proceeding with any skirting.
A well skirted fleece has no manure tags around the edges and a minimum of veggie matter(VM) throughout the fibre as a whole. There is also a minimum or preferably no "on animal" felting through the fibre.
We strive to turn out the best end product possible, but even with great machinery we cannot make silk from sow's ears.

Since we are just starting turn around time is amazing right now. Still averaging 1 month right now (Dec 2010)

Call Us: 613-377-1594
Write Us: Fire and Fluff 3710 County Road #1 Yarker, Ontario K0K 3N0
Service desponible en francais. Mon mari est bilingual, mais mon francais est faible.