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Critter and critter related Beads

Critter related Lampwork Beads

Beads can be had in sets or singularly. Please email your item of interest stating the colours you want. Eg- a fish, base body colour- blue, with red spots on the body, fins- green, eye centers- orange. Or a paw bead: base colour red with blue pads for the paw.
Like an item you see, email me....I can do a similar item. Remember each bead critter is made individually. I can never totally duplicate a critter.
Payment by e-transfer or paypal required before order is made and shipped.

Fish Beads- $15 per pair
approx 24mm long by 15mm high

Bird Beads- $15 per pair
approx 15mm long by 10mm high

Paws in Time Beads- $5/Bead ordered
approx 12 mm long by 10 mm wide.

Critter on a Bead- $7/Bead ordered

Front View

Top view approx 16 mm long by 12 mm wide.