ECHO Starter Wheel from Spinolution

•Ratios: 4:1, 6:1, and 8:1 •Size: 12in X 28.5in X 19.25in •Orifice Height: 25in •Weight: Around 14lbs •Quick Bobbin Release •Interchangeable Bobbin with Queen Bee Travel Wheel •Easy to use tension knob •Stable base with rubber feet •Retail Price: $515.00 plus hst* •Includes 1 bobbin and free shipping! •Upgradeable! As you grow with this wheel, you can upgrade the flyer assembly to include a 4th speed at 20:1.

Can also order the wheel with the higher speed flyer to give you 6:1, 8:1 and 20:1 ratios to start with.

*Price including shipping is $515US not including sales taxes for Canadian customers.
I can have the wheel send from the manufacturer directly to you which keeps shipping to a minimum. With sending the wheel directly to you I do not collect the sales tax on the wheel for either Canadian or US sales. Sales tax for Canadian orders will be collected at Canada Post office when you pick up the wheel as the wheels come in from the US. I have never had to pay any brokers fees or tarriffs with any of the wheels I have imported when shipping by USPS, but GST was collected at the Post Office. If you prefer that I have the wheel here at the mill for pick up I need to charge HST on the $515 retail price. Yes, taxes are great aren't they?
If you want the wheel sent by UPS there will be a brokerage fee when importing to Canada and the GST to pay. Brokerage fees varies with value of wheel. None of the brokerage fees or taxes apply to US orders.